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Happy Fizzy Friday Guys!

I think this is that wonderful time of the year when we all enjoy our chilled brunch drinks. Ain’t we?

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

So I am all about drinks today. Thus, I am sharing one of those brunch drinks with you. You might call this drink Spring-y or Summer-y — whatever you like.

Well, for me it’s not a seasonal drink — I enjoy this in every season. So don’t actually know what to call it. 😉

However, one thing for sure, this is a FABULOUS drink. We all love fizzy drinks. And these drinks are even more refreshing when paired with orange or any other citrus juices. What say?

This is going to make a perfect drink for Spring – Summer events! The name of this drink is Non Alcoholic Ginger Mimosa Mocktail, or in simple words this is Virgin Ginger Mimosa.

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreamsSummer is all about cool drinks for us. So these weekends are full of chilled drinks for us! 😉

Summers are all about meeting friends and having get-togethers. But sometimes we all have guests who don’t drink any alcoholic beverages. Last week some of our friends joined us for dinner. Dinner parties usually start at 5.00 pm at my place. I know, I know, it’s too early for a dinner party. But we all chit-chat before dinner and have some good time. So even 5:00 pm feels late in that context! Agree? :)

I planned to make Mimosa for all of our guests. But one of our friends is pregnant. SO obviously she is not allowed to have alcoholic drinks. First I thought I would make something which we all can enjoy. And then Abhishek suggested, “why not you make non-alcoholic mimosa for her which you used to drink during your pregnancy.” Then I replied,Yeah, as far as I know her, she is a big fan of Mimosa. So this is going to be a perfect solution.”

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

Let me tell you all how this drink became my dearest.

Actually, we both missed our romantic evenings with champagne and sparkling wines, as I was not allowed to have any alcohol during pregnancy.

I really craved for oranges and other citrus fruits/juices during my pregnancy.

And it all started on a day when I got this urge to have mimosa during pregnancy. Well, I certainly could not go for that. So that was not an option at all.

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreamsI am pretty sure it happened because of all those cocktails I saw when I was watching a movie. I have this strange habit — whenever I see something I like I seriously can’t resist. Especially, if I see them in movies or tv shows. That’s my case, just to say.

And that day too I wanted cocktail so badly. And then suddenly one of my friends called me. I told her all about these cravings, and then she introduced this virgin cocktail to me.

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

I instantly made this virgin Mimosa. And it did work wonderfully! After that day I always made this virgin Mimosa whenever Abhishek and I planned some romantic time during my pregnancy.

It satisfied my strongest pregnancy craving for oranges without a doubt. It surely became one of my favorites for sure. So cheers to this virgin drink!

So during our dinner party, I made this Non Alcoholic Ginger Mimosa Mocktail for my friend. For all the others I added the booze. Believe me, my friend and I just enjoyed this very much.

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

It provides a distinct flavour indeed. And of course, it brought back all my pregnancy memories. I really really enjoyed this drink! Frankly during the whole party, I didn’t drink original Mimosa at all! :)

This is even a great choice for people who are tired of having plain old fresh orange juice for breakfast or brunch. If you are one of those, I suggest you to try this non-alcoholic ginger mimosa. You are gonna love it. The very simple combination of orange juice and ginger ale would surely tantalize your taste buds.

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

A basic mimosa is a composition of Champagne/sparkling-wine, and orange juice or any other citrus juice, in equal parts. Usually, It’s served very chilled.

I just love all the colors in this heavenly drink. If not for drinking, I would make this just to stare at these gorgeously refreshing colorful glasses. But anyways, it’s impossible to just stare at, and not drink it, at least in my case! 😉

recipe-virgin-ginger-mimosa| @anupama_dreams

Let’s learn to make this quick recipe.

Take a pitcher, add orange juice, maple syrup and mix well. Now add ice cubes and shake well again. Add ginger ale and stir well.

Fill two tall glasses with prepared non-alcoholic ginger mimosa. Top with orange slices, ginger slices and serve.

Happy Cooking!

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